Pan Orthodox United is geared towards ages 18-35 although we are all inclusive and not limited by any ages.

Michael Pacurar, Victor Frunza, and William Qaqish, with the support of the Virginia H. Farah Foundation.

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Visit our Yo, Father page to get connected.

Visit our EVENTS page to find local Pan Orthodox events near you. On our page you are able to search by kind of event and also by state.

Visit our meet the TEAM PAGE to learn more about us!

OVA is Orthodox Voices of America a Web series geared towards bringing the lost 60% back to the church by answering the hard questions that most youth have.

You can listen to Orthodox music on  The Rudder is a 24 hour Orthodox internet radio station. is a great resource for many questions you may have about the Orthodox faith. If there is a question you can not find please ask us your question in the “Submit a Question” FAQ above, and we will find the answer for you through our many resources including our stump the priest segment through OVA along with our “ask a priest” on our Facebook page.

No. Once you have signed up for an automatic donation that donation will automatically be withdrawn from your account until your card expires, you will be able to update your card’s information, or you cancel your donation.

The money you donate goes towards our projects such as OVA.

Solve 60 is a movement to bring the 60% of the lost Orthodox youth back into the church. Check out our plan to bring the 60% back here.

60% refers to students that leave the church during their time in college and never return.

We plan to find the 2.25 million “lost” orthodox youth that are on facebook. That will give us the opportunity to have conversations with them by asking them questions rather than talking at them. We want to find out why they have become “lost”. With all of the information we have gained we will provide resources for them to learn more and to get involved by using the modes of technology they prefer as millennials. With involvement and knowledge we hope that will help them find purpose and meaning to their lives through the Orthodox church so they can then in turn become active in reaching out to others in the 60% and help them live Orthodoxy.

Absolutely! We love any volunteer support we are given. We welcome you to visit our GET INVOLVED page and volunteer!

As of January 2015 we received the blessing of Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian diocese and the blessing from the bishops on the West Coast Bishop Benjamin OCA, Bishop Maxim Serbian diocese, Metropolitan Gerasimos based in San Francisco for the Greek diocese. Archbishop Nathaniel of the Romanian diocese, Bishop Michael of the OCA of New York and New Jersey, and Bishop Peter ROCOR Chicago Midwest have also given us their blessings.

Although Pan Orthodox United is geared towards ages 18-35 we are an inclusive organization and everyone is welcome.

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