A Letter from Michael Pacurar

Co-Founder of Pan Orthodox United

American-Income-Choose-DirectionI co-founded Pan Orthodox United, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by young people for young people,  because I believe in focusing on the good.  I know that every year more and more young people leave Christianity, are filled with doubt and desire, and embark on spiritual or worldly quests to find themselves.  I know this, because I am one of those people.  I have doubted the existence of God, went months without going to church, and am always struggling for truth.  I believe that most people that have left organized religion will one day be curious and contemplate things like their purpose in life, and possibilities of the afterlife.  I believe that we need to be there when they do, to give an Orthodox perspective on life and what happens after. I know that if we come together to provide resources, answer questions, and build relationships, our young people will stop leaving and start coming back home.  I did.

For this reason, we recently outlined a new program called Solve 60.  We want to reverse the trend of young people leaving Orthodoxy by raising the level of discussion, education, and involvement. Our plan has a few manageable steps, but it will take everyone working together to make it happen.

Join us in reversing this trend and Solving 60 today.

Michael Pacurar
We’re blessed to have amazing and driven
Board Members at Pan Orthodox United:
  • Alex Machaskee
    Chairman of the Board at St. Vladimir’s Seminary

    Fr. Nicholas Ceko
    Dean of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

    Robert Snyder
    Antiochian Midwest Christian Education Coordinator

    Fr. George Taweel
    Emmy Award Winning Producer

  • Andrew Kartalis
    Founder of OCF Cleveland

    Lisa Oakland
    Presentation of Our Lord

    Alex Popescu
    CEO of ACP Marketing