Solve 60 is a step by step plan to reach out to the 60% of young people that leave the church after college.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 young people don’t attend church after college?

A Step-By-Step Plan

Starting With Success

Our strength is in our community of young people devoted to connecting each other and our willingness to collaborate as young people. Collaboration is the ultimate goal as it strengthens the Church from the inside out. The young people involved in today’s ministry all have a willingness to work together, from Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Directors to the local OCF chapters and recent graduates. Our outreach program has been a collaborative effort from the start. People from all jurisdictions have worked to make our outreach videos a success. Our first Pan Orthodox video has over 72,000 views, and our second Pan Orthodox video has over 142,000 views. We are building partnerships with Orthodox Organizations, like Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), that help strengthen the existing “Orthodox Network”, and in turn, reach out to our lost brothers and sisters as a united front. We start with communication, move to cooperation, and solidify our bonds with collaboration.

circle-eventsOne of the “full­circle” successes that we, as young people, have achieved is a regional collaboration, blessed by all the hierarchs of the West Coast, to encourage leaders from all jurisdictions to come together, collaborate and host Pan Orthodox Events. These events are a build off of existing events instead of a reinvention or duplication of the existing Orthodox environment. Not only are these events an outreach program in and of themselves, we are also highlighting these events with our media content, bringing the collaboration back to the beginning of the cycle and using it as outreach to help “Solve 60” online. By everyone starting to work together and building on what already exists, collaboration, specifically the act and willingness to work together, brings about a change in the hearts and the minds of young people that will continue to inspire and strengthen them for generations to come.