George Matsoukas


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"Orthodox Christian Laity has been a supporter and partner of Pan Orthodox United for four years.  As an organization and as individual board donors we have assisted in supporting the group financially.  But more importantly our Board has offered time and talent to assist POU to organize and market its purpose and mission.  Why?  POU is the future of Orthodox Christianity in the United States. These young people are reaching out to each other because they know that to survive as Orthodox Christians in this land of choices and pluralism they must come together and overcome the parochialism of their parishes.  On college campuses all over the United States Orthodox Christian faithful youth come together in Pan Orthodox Ways to worship and socialize.  They come together to remain Orthodox Christians.  They do this themselves because they know they are a global church and have something authentic and Apostolic to offer to their peers.  They do this in spite of the obstacles presented to them by parallel jurisdictional hierarchs, clergy, parents and Parishes.  They are leading the way. We need to look, listen and support.   Our youth are telling us and showing us the way.  For these reasons Orthodox Christian Laity is a patron and supporter of POU and we are enriched and energized to have its director serve on our OCL Board.  We urge  all the faithful parents, grandparents, god parents, clergy and hierarchs to support this wonderful independent ministry of Pan Orthodox United."

George Matsoukas Executive Director Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) August 28, 2016