Alex Machaskee


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"As Chairman of the board of trustees of St. Vladimir's Seminary, I am proud of the work being done by a young organization called Pan Orthodox United.  It is a group of young people working to "Solve 60" through media outreach and collaboration with other Orthodox institutions and individuals.  "Solve 60" is a full-scale movement to facilitate communication, cooperation, and collaboration between Orthodox people and organizations in order to come together and reach out to the lost 60% of our youth population. I salute its leadership and its initiative inproducing a new video series, Orthodox Voices of America (OVA). Collaboration, like what Pan Orthodox United is doing with the new OVA video series, is what is necessary to form the bonds of unity that strengthen our Orthodox Church from the inside out.  Together we see this initial work as a beginning for further collaboration and a precedent for all of Orthodoxy in America.  This work is important and long overdue. I am a board member of Pan Orthodox United. Please join me in supporting them."

Alex Machaskee Board Chairman of St. Vladimir's Seminary August 27, 2016