Fr. Ian G


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"Dear Fellow Orthodox Christian, You know the problem: across this continent, our kids are leaving the Church at an unprecedented, alarming rate. As many as 60% of them will disappear from parish rolls once they reach 18 years of age.  BUT . . . did you know that our kids themselves are working on a solution? PanOrthodox United is just a few years old, but already is bringing together Orthodox Christian youth from across the ethnic and jurisdictional spectrum. They’re doing it by reaching people where they are today – online. They’re promoting Orthodox unity and engaging young people through events and online videos targeted especially for the busy, distracted, fast-moving generation that soon will become the mainstream faithful of the American Orthodox Church. Their first online video featured the services of Holy Friday and the Resurrection at Presentation. It was watched 74,000 times! Their latest video got over 140,000 views. (Yes those are real numbers.) Who can argue with success like that? You can watch both videos here: (INSERT LINKS) Pan Orthodox United is dedicated to tackling the real world problems of Orthodoxy in North America by building collaboration, communication and cooperation among Orthodox young people. Very soon, those young people will be our leaders.  It makes me very hopeful! Won’t you give them your support?"

Fr. Ian G Pac-Urar August 28, 2016