Rachel Pribish


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"As most of you know, I am a member of the American Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Diocese, and have been a very active member of the ACRY for my entire lifetime. I served as the National Jr. ACRY Advisor for 5 years (including three years as the Vice President) and helped create the National Advent Mission Project (AMP), which I have been the chair of for two years. (This summer I was on one of the teams that went down to Louisiana as a part of the Fr. Rosco Memorial Build Project with IOCC/Habitat for Humanity, which was the beneficiary of the 2015 AMP).  In addition, I've been very active at Camp Nazareth over the years, having worked there as a counselor for six summers.As National Vice President, I was able to attend the Orthodox Youth Worker's Conference, where I gained valuable knowledge that I was able to put into practice with the Jr. ACRY and at Camp Nazareth. So as you can see, the youth of our diocese and of the Orthodox World at large has been very important to me. I have continued to work with them through my work with Pan Orthodox United (POU). Recently, I was made the Communications Director of POU as their representative for the Carpatho-Rusyn Diocese. But what IS Pan Orthodox United? We are an organization for young people by young people who are striving to engage the youth of the Orthodox World to be active and make a difference in their Orthodox communities. This is no simple task that can be solved with the push of a button, but many people from many different jurisdictions have come together to make Pan Orthodox United a reality. We are working to bring together the youth of all Orthodox Churches across the United States in the name of unity in Orthodoxy. We are a 501(c)93) non-profit organization. Pan Orthodox United is still getting on its feet, but we are going to be launching some very exciting content very soon. First in that is a series of e-mails that you will receive that will explain to you more in depth just what POU is about. We invite you to visit our website (PanOrthodoxUnited.org) and find us on Facebook (search: Pan Orthodox United). There you can check out our new video series, Orthodox Voices of America, sign up with your email address to learn more, or learn about the past events we've held."

Rachel Pribish Pan Orthodox United Communications Director August 28, 2016