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Our Purpose

Pan Orthodox United was established for the purpose of Orthodox cultural exchange. By bringing people together, we hope to solidify our traditions and create opportunities to share our heritage with one another. This is done by encouraging young adults to gather and participate in social and sporting events throughout the year. The organization provides a wonderful opportunity for Orthodox Christians throughout North America to come together to enjoy Christian fellowship, to meet friends, and to display athletic sportsmanship in an Orthodox Christian venue. This experience of Orthodoxy helps everyone understand the Church beyond their own home parishes.

While we are all proud of our individual nationalities, there is a bigger focus in mind. That is our faith. As the generations pass, Orthodoxy will be our only uniting factor. We propose to put aside our differences and concentrate on our similarities. Pan Orthodox United welcomes and encourages the participation and unity of all Orthodox Christians, and those interested in Orthodoxy.

Participants will surely appreciate our events; however, facilitating events of this size not only presents its challenges, but is also quite costly. We are striving to make this gathering as affordable as possible to allow the greatest number of participants. Because of this, we ask for your prayerful thoughtfulness in offering a tax-deductible gift in support of this worthwhile effort and if possible becoming a sponsor. Only with the help of faithful stewards like you, can Pan Orthodox United continue to flourish.

Please help us by spreading the word to your family, friends, and Orthodox acquaintances about our events, and thank you all for your support and donations. We will see you at our 3rd Annual Event, the 2015 Pan Orthodox Convention Midwest, in Akron, Ohio!

In Christ,

The Pan Orthodox Committee

View: 2015 POC Midwest – AKRON, OH – Save The Date

Host Sponsors:

  • Presentation of Our Lord Orthodox Church (Main events are held here)
  • Akron Clergy Association
  • Christian Orthodox Council of Akron
  • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
  • St George Antiochian Orthodox Church
  • St Elia Orthodox Church